30-Plus Years Of Experience In Workers' Compensation Claims And Defense

Experience Matters

Workers' compensation has its own courtrooms, its own judges and its own unique rules. If you are trying to navigate through the system without an experienced workers' compensation attorney, you are in trouble. Let me help you.

My name is Ross Palfreyman, and I have over 30 years of experience helping people file and defend workers' compensation claims. I have met the judges and worked in almost all of the appeals boards throughout California. I am well-respected among many of the lawyers, insurance companies, administrators and adjusters who work within the workers' compensation system. I know the law like the back of my hand. I know the games that are played and how to present my client's best front.

In short, I have the experience you need.

Getting To "Case Closed" Promptly

My years of experience have taught me how to assess the value of a workers' compensation claim quickly. This allows me to prepare an argument that protects your best interests and, in many cases, leads to early settlement.

Some attorneys simply process files and churn work to make money. I do not. I try to come to a productive conclusion quickly so that my clients can move on with their lives or businesses without having to pay an arm and a leg in legal fees.

Let's Have A Conversation · No Risk

The easiest way to determine who is the best workers' compensation attorney for your claim or your business is to have a conversation. I offer free consultations where I can give you more information about my experience, my practice and what I can do for you. Call 949-204-0855 or send me a message to arrange a meeting. From my office in Laguna Beach, I represent clients throughout Orange County and elsewhere in California.

There is no risk now or later — if you choose to work with me, you will not have to worry about my legal fees. I take all workers' compensation cases on a contingency fee basis, and the insurance company, not you, will pay me directly.